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April 14, 2017

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The Pleasure Principle: Janet Jackson and Black Female Empowerment—An Overview

Black womanhood is the most nuanced of femininity. While historically many women were expected to be confined to their homes, black women were expected to physically labor alongside black men to build a country that was not theirs.

Our beauty has historically been dismissed, even dehumanized, yet commoditized and fetishized for the profit of others.

The obligation of appeasing family also largely shapes black womanhood. We sacrifice our dreams and beliefs to appease family, knowing we could be more.

One black woman has had the unique juncture of living this life from a pre-schooler to now middle age for the world to see. Her name is Janet Damita Jo Jackson.

Being the baby of such large and renowned family, the world placed her in a box before she could even reach the age of 18. THE will break down her evolution starting with her teenage years.

She emerged from the shadows with Control, an unabashed account of needing your own identity and unapologetically setting standards for yourself.


With Rhythm Nation 1814, she examined how detrimental societal structure cannot be eradicated from our personal space, even as we experience a great “Escapade.”


As wonderful as it is to command the respect of others and share our philanthropy with the world, sometimes we have to reintroduce ourselves…to ourselves. With the janet. album, she showed how important it is we pursue to our desires for personal satisfaction. Not because my family said I shouldn’t or society tells me I can’t, but rather do what I love because there is only one me and I deserve to make her happy.


The Velvet Rope album tackled one of the most taboo subjects of the black community—family trauma. It explored how you can love the people closest to you but resent their ways and yearn not for their approval but instead their support.


Just to make all of this more exciting, Janet gave us all this potent content with dazzling aesthetics and visually simulating production values.

Let’s go!


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