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March 31, 2015

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Freshness: Tamia–“Sandwich and a Soda”

When Tamia released her latest musical offering, I was slow to listen it because of the title. “Sandwich and a Soda”? I wondered was it an attempt at a run-of-the-mill pop hit because she has forgone the independent route and signed with Def Jam Records. Oh how wrong I was.

If you are looking for a spring-turning-into-summer jam, please give this a spin. The best way I can describe the production is a Stax Records-inspired rhythm guitar and organ over a minimalist trap house percussion. It even has a few wails reminiscent of James Brown and Jackie Wilson sprinkled in. It. is. infectious.

The lyrics are sexy and forward but still have hints of submission. I do not want to spoil the surprise of hearing the song for those who have not heard it because its unexpected content is what makes the song so alluring. But I will say that after hearing the entire song, the title is no longer corny. In fact, it adds to the coyness of the tune, a refreshing change from the overt sexual tones that now consume R&B.

The song was produced by Oak & Pop and serves as the lead single for her album Love Life.

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