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March 17, 2015

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The Honeycomb Edition Inspiration

“Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.”—Proverbs 16:24

Words can be viewed as an infinite chain letter. Their validity or effectiveness does not negate their existence. Our responsibility is to recognize the veracity of that what is spoken and written and reinforce those truths.

The Honeycomb Edition (THE) stems from a singular source, but it is not isolated to singular experiences. Just as the structure it is named after, each experience is in someway linked. The need to connect occurrences is the driving force behind this blog. No experience, but especially not the black experience, occurs in vacuums. Recent events have displayed levels of hatred and bigotry that harken back to decades and even centuries ago. What these displays show us is that history is not only inscribed but it connects with the posterity.

Be it positive or negative, the longevity of a sentiment is secured based on how well current generations relate to the story told before them. My goal is that this blog connects the perplexity and productivity of my people. THE is a means of celebrating our triumphs and filtering our struggles as sign of endurance rather than weakness.

The structure and dissemination of a honeycomb speaks to the black experience. A honeycomb is the source one of nature’s greatest nutrients—honey, of course. It is designed in complex dimensions that are key to its survival. The structure itself is considered a delicacy when it is not broken, often referred to as extra-concentrated honey; however, to release the liquid honey, it is nearly impossible not to break the honeycomb.

The black diaspora has been immeasurably nourishing to this experience we call life. Indeed, we are complex. But rather than compartmentalize our traits, our characteristics must be juxtaposed to show our greatest strength. Often we (the honeycomb) have been broken and our creativity and intellect (honey) have been purged only to be commercialized by others for mass consumption.

Despite the stings and the purging, we are at our greatest strength when connected. And connected is how we must remain determined to be. Let this blog nourish you, delight you, and connect you.

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